Smim Htawbuddhaketi

Smim Htawbuddhaketi
   (Smim Dawbuddhaketi)
   (r. 1740-1747)
   Following an uprising in Lower Burma against the Burman state at Ava (Inwa) in 1740, Smim Htaw, a member of the Sangha, became ruler of a restored Mon state at Hanthawaddy (modern-day Pegu [Bago]). His multiethnic supporters included Burmans and Karens (Kayins), as well as Mons. Attempting to capture Ava, he occupied Prome (Pyay) and Toungoo (Taungoo), although an offensive north along the Irrawaddy (Ayeyardwady) River was repulsed. He gained a reputation for just and gentle rule, but was indecisive, and was overthrown in a palace coup in 1747. The successor was his chief minister, Binnya Dala (Bannya Dala). Mon nationalists regard Smim Htaw Buddhaketi as one of their major historical figures.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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